Lifeologist Step 1 and 2, in Amsterdam – 30 juni-1 july

Om eventet

  • Startdatum: 30 juni, 2018
  • Slutdatum: 1 juli, 2018
  • Börjar: 10:00
  • Slutar: 17:00


  • 119,00


  • De Roos
  • P.C. Hooftstraat 183
  • Amsterdam
  • 1071
  • Netherlands
  • www.roos.nl

We will meet at the lovely De Roos in one of my favourite cities; Amsterdam! De Roos is a cultural centre for personal and spiritual development, and a perfect place for my workshop! For more information: http://www.roos.nl/

I will bring women together for a two day fiesta in self-reflections, self-care and self-love. Something that we all long for but we have trouble to make time and/or find a space for these days.

The core need for all humans is connection and belonging, still we tend to do everything but what is helping us to get there… We aim for real love, but we reach out for fast approval. I will teach you why; why we do what we do, why we don´t do what we want to do, and how we can come closer to our selfs and others.

We will create a safe space together where we can focus on understanding, acceptance and love. A space where we can be open and honest and listen to our self and each other. A space where there is no judgement, only compassion!

Come and join me and a beautiful bunch of women that all are longing to live life more honest, fully and real!

Come and experience the power of life!

Day 1: 10am – 5pm Focus on understanding Who are we? What we want, really want, and why we want that? And how we can get more of what we want?

Day 2: 10am – 5pm Focus on understanding more about Feelings! What we can feel, what we are aloud to feel, and what we want to feel. And how we can get more of what we want?

(Food and ackommodation are not included)