Live your Life like you want to! In Amsterdam – 30 juni-1 july

Om eventet

  • Startdatum: 30 juni, 2018
  • Slutdatum: 1 juli, 2018
  • Börjar: 10:00
  • Slutar: 17:00


  • 119,00


  • De Roos
  • P.C. Hooftstraat 183
  • Amsterdam
  • 1071
  • Netherlands
  • www.roos.nl
I´ll be at the wonderful De Roos in Amsterdam for a two day empowering, life-loving and self-discovering session for all of you women that want to live your Life to it´s full potential!
Come join me and a group of amazing women for this two days workshop where we will learn about ourselves,
what we need and why, and how we can start to listen to ourselves and live a life like we want to!

Thru practices, meditations and a lot of talking and listening we will come closer to ourselves so that we can build
relationships that makes us happy for real.

We will create a safe space together where we can focus on understanding, acceptance and love. A space where we can be open and honest and listen to ourselves and each other. A space where there is no judgement, only compassion. A space that is rare, but super important and super empowering!

These two days will encourage you to say what you want to say, do what you want to do and Live Your Life Like You Want To Live!

Price: 119 Euro (Food and ackommodation are not included)

Email me at lena@holgerdesign.se for more information

WHO AM I – Lena Nyholm

In the end of 2009 Lenas life got turned upside down and the start of what became a very difficult journey of struggles and self-growth started. What seems to be one of the worst things that can happen, turned out to be the best that could happen. It all started with a rape, a year later one of Lenas best friend died in a car accident and she got married to a wonderful yet carrier driven man that was too busy to see her pain. One of Lenas brothers died from a heart attack and another friend drowned. And at the same time she was working really hard for her own interior design carrier in Sweden and was trying to keep up with her husbands world traveling work life that made them move to LA. Just a few months later, at the beginning of 2014, Lena went back home to Stockholm, divorced, and started what was going to be a deep and heavy healing process which also included healing from childhood traumas as her father was an alcoholic that tried to kill himself. And also healing of a rape that took place in high school. Now Lena consider herself to be one of the happiest people in the world!
”I always knew that there where something good that would come out of all the bad things that happened in my life. Even when it was dark as hell there was a tiny little voice inside of me telling me to keep going.

The problem was that I hadn´t learned how to deal with pain, sorrow, fear or any other feelings in a constructive way. I had learned to suppress my feelings, to ignore them and instead get a grip, smile and say that I was okay. Like how most of us learn to do. I mean we learn about math and geography and how to be a good girl, how to behave to be loved. But that´s conditional love. We don´t learn how to handle confusing thoughts and emotions, how to get through hard times, and how to be ourselves and love each other, unconditionally. We learn how to live lives that are focused on career, money and success, lives that gives us likes on Instagram and a fast and easy feeling of belonging. But that´s not true belonging. True belonging is about inner acceptance rather than outer confirmation.

Researches shows that what makes us happy, for real, is close relationships that are built on trust and truth. Relationships in where we can be ourselves, be vulnerable, and be safe. Relationships where we are loved, and we love, unconditionally.

I was running away from myself for 30 years, I was running from my emotions, my needs, and my inner voice. I was running away because that is what we are told to do. We are told to reach higher and get more, more money and more stuff. But what we need to learn if we want to be happy is to look the other way, to come closer instead of running farther. And we need to be close to ourselves to be close to others. Because if you are not close to yourself you will always feel lonely even though you´re with others. And if you are close to yourself you never feel loneliness, even though you´re all by yourself. I had to learn this, from scratch, it´s not easy, but it´s worth it.

I need to remind myself everyday about what is important in life, how I want to live and what I want to give to the world. And now I have the privilege to teach others to come closer to themselves so that they can feel stronger and safer, and so that we can create a world that is more loving and caring.

I knew there was a meaning with everything that happened, and now I know. It finally pushed me to heal myself, to get help, to try, and to feel for real. It helped me to learn so much more about myself, about others and about life in general than an easy and smooth path would ever had done. I had to see therapists, read books, listen to teachers and attend to shaman ceremonies. I pushed myself thru experiences and learnings that I never would have dared to do if I wasn´t in such pain that I actually had to try everything possible to be happy. And I really wanted to be happy, happy for real. And I also knew that if I could heal, then I could help others to heal. And when you heal yourself you heal the world, because everything is connected and I want to contribute with love, strengths, courage and light to this world!
And I know you want to as well!”